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OH MY GOD! - poster


2018. Mockumentary/comedy/drama.                                                                         

Production: Haka Film, Firenze Produzioni, La Zona.

Distribution: Haka Film.

International distribution: Ellipsis Media International.

Home video distribution: Edizioni San Paolo.



What would happen today in a society which defines itself Catholic and Christian if Jesus really came back as announced in the Gospels? Who would take him seriously? And what difficulties would Jesus encounter today to be recognized?

GO HOME - poster



2019. Social Horror.

Production: La Zona, Haka Film, Cocoon, Baburka, MB production.

Distribution: La Zona.

Home Video distribution: CG Entertainment.

International distribution: Reel Suspects.



In the course of a demonstration in Rome against the opening of a refugees camp, an apocalypse of zombies breaks out. 
Enrico, an ultra rightist young man lying on his identity, finds refuge in the refugees camp. The only safe place for him is this refugees camp that he did not want, while the dead are walking outside.




2018. Drama.

Production: Haka Film, La Zona.

Distribution: Haka Film.




After killing her husband and her daughter, Marta is in jail and attempts suicide. For this reason Marta's family has instructed a psychiatrist to take care of her. To help her to elaborate what happened, the psychiatrist submits Marta to a session of hypnosis, through which he will help her to elaborate the reasons that led her to kill her family.

VEGAN LOVE - poster

VEGAN LOVE (short)

2016. Comedy.

Production: Haka Film, La Zona.

Distribution: Haka Film, RAI Cinema.



On the first date Filippo discovers that Clarissa is a fundamentalist and uncompromising vegan and the evening turns into a real nightmare...

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